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                                                               Atmospher Van                
                                                                                  Long drive
Atmospheric car Van S7
" No mecanic, no electromecanic, no electromagnetic, no electricity, no oil, no solar, no hydrogen, no exterior or interior mirors, no motor, no wings, just energy and automotive control system with system lighting, goes up, goes down, goes backward, goes forward, infinitly fast. It's a new concept of cars extremly interior design and auto driving"

                                                                                 AtmospheR Van s7   ( L : 7 m, W : 2.50 m, H : 2.30 m )
                                                                  AtmospheR Van s12  ( L :12 m, W : 2.50 m, H : 2.30 m )

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Atmospher Van s7 interior


This is a prototype of AtmospheR Van s7 with ihh (an intelligent home made human robot working in the interior of AtmospheR Van s7)