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What's the meaning of soul system ?

Soul system is advanced coding basic system using by mounir bellemkhannate programming language for creating projects in all sectors of life. It's the main system of mounir language.

Can soul system create a computer ?

Soul system can create computers but different totaly comparatively to binary system computers

What's the difference between soul system and binary system ?

Binary system is numbers who are represented by only two symbols or digits 0 (zero) and 1 (one) used to create computers and applications. The soul system is a coding system that used advanced technology to create computers, programs, objects and system.

Can binary system read and whrite soul system ?

Absolutely no. By contrast, doul system can read and control binary system such as softwares and applications and devices and computers. By the way, soul system can introduce and control aircarfts, engines, all electronic and computing devices.

Is binary system and soul system using same tools and compenents ? isn't it ?

Is not. the binary system use such tools and compenents that go with its binary system in electromagnenic and mechanic and processing. However, soul system doesn't use neither electromagnetic nor mechanical nor chemical (quantum computers) but soul system is dimensional system instead of the word "processing" with new tools and new compenents.

Why is soul system so worth ?

The soul system is the main system of mounir language that gives to world industry important and scientific tools to create new valuabale technologies in industry more important than current industry and increase investissements and grow GDP

How to learn soul system ?

To learn soul system is by bying mounir bellemkhannate programming language package. Also, you can receive study of soul system in your university or companies working under soul system